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Disease Causation List
Medical Industry Avoids Toxicology
by Jim West

Medical industry generally blames disease on germs, and genetics.  The topic ratio is probably 100,000:1 or at least 200:1 (microbiology to toxicology)  http://harpub.tk/fc/diag

You are blamed as cause; you didn't wash your hands, your aunt had the same disease.  They maintain the "Original Sin" gambit as if it were science, and according to Dr. Mendelsohn, they are plainly stupid priests of the devil's protocol, falsely waving the banner of science.  See http://whale.to/c/devilspriests.html 

My background is scientific, though lightly on a professional level. I am autodidactic (self-study), researching libraries, web, and engaging in forums, all my life involved in this, out of community survival, self survival and competency, and political interest.

Here are my opinions, warnings, sorted by RISK ORDER.

1) Ultrasound, MRI, and xrays and laptop computers on the lap, for pregnant women. Avoid like the plague.  Ultrasound is a strangely ultra-quiet topic despite the evidence for autism and add causation.  
2) Stay away from vaccines and pharmaceuticals. No long-term studies support them.  They cause disease and death and do not immunize. Read http://whale.to/vaccines/mendelsohn.html  That is according to Dr. Mendelsohn (former chairman of Illinois Hospital Licensing committee). Read everything he writes. He is very funny, entertaining, and truthful.

Example:  Government agencies and doctors promote the "flu vaccine" for H1N1 virus, to everyone.  However, the vaccine manufacturer clearly states that the product has never been proven to immunize, that it is NOT for those under 18, not for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, and may be very hazardous.  Is that information disparity a great political puzzle?  Read the the manufacturer's label here: http://harpub.tk/sflu/glaxo-ins.htm

3) Turn off, toss, dispose, or --- keep your stove -- ventilated with an exhaust fan, visualize its approximate exhaust plume, and don't stand in line with it. An open window will not work on windless days. Two open windows are required for cross-breeze with the fan, as even two open windows will not work on a windless day. Infant earaches, colds, flu and teething problems can be traced to stove and boiler exhaust poisoning. Few people are aware of this possibly #1 disease cause, indoor fired devices.  Even ventilated fired devices can leak and diffuse toxic gases into the home.  Very few sources are available, I learned of this hazard at the school of hard-knocks and with a CO2 meter.  Extremely important.


Scan your house for EMF (ELF powerline frequencies and transients-harmonics), and RF frequencies (Wifi, cell phone, radar and radio/TV frequencies). Minimize those. They can undermine everything in your cells subtly, at a minimum, contribute to irritability and dental problems (cavities). Avoid fluorescent lights. Go back to incandescents, or buy the new LEDs. But scan the LEDs for frequency emissions before buying as some have "switching-mode" rectifiers (20K hz and higher frequencies). During my decades as a health nut, I couldn't believe that commonly experienced electronic radiation could be such a hazard.  I didn't even believe the cell phone warnings, until about two years ago, but now, due to tragic circumstances, I know, via the school of hard knocks. :) Don't get suckered into shielding amulets. Distance, metal foil, metallized fabrics, etc, are the real modes of protection. The first town in Europe to institute WiFi in public schools, has now banned WiFi. http://www.lessemf.com/emf-news.html
5) Eat organic, breastfeed, and filter (distillers are $100) water.  Other water filters are a waste of time as you will eventually learn. http://www.fluoridealert.org/news/guest-column-fluoride-scam-goes-on-after-six-decades
6) Stay away from expressways. Random wind formations can drive high concentrations into your home or work or school.
7) Forget "vitamins". They are training wheels for pharmaceuticals.  Avoid caffiene and similar chemicals such as chocolate. Substitute with carob for that cozy chocolate satisfaction. Or for the energy boost, go with fruit smoothies with a bit of blended "raw" oatmeal.  Herbs and spices, beware of non-organics, as they are allowed higher pesticide concentrations.
8) Try to take the time to understand the relatively simple core semantic criticism of the corrupt industrial icon word, "virus". http://www.ThePerthGroup.com The following URL is simpler, in terms of the so-called poliovirus, http://harpub.tk/misc/OstromParalyticpolio.htm  Understanding these concepts, enable one to blow off 99% of medical propaganda with one fell swoop.
9) The most simple critique of medicine keeps the burden of their claims on them, and is two-fold:  A) They omit toxicology from germ studies, and thus any attempts to characterize a "germ" are moot.  B) "Virus" is not a proven concept since all claims for an "isolated virus" are grossly false.  http://harpub.tk/fc/diag  Anything they say can be responded with "Where is the toxicogy [relevant scientific studies]?"  Where is the actual impressive text, not the mere claim, of virus isolation, or even where is the definition of "virus isolation"?  Always ask for the "impressive text", otherwise, you will get a mere article title that makes the claim, of which, you will be accused of misunderstanding the studies text.  Get the the actual text that convince the medico, and then it can easily be reviewed and deconstructed.  Don't allow journalism or "authoritative" articles to be passed off as if they were scientific studies.

The pharmaceutical companies are out to get you :) And industry is happy to have them on your case, as pharma deflects polluting industrial liabilities by avoiding toxicology for disease causation.  Thus we have the crazy politics of medicine and "healthcare".


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