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Review Index:  Age Of Autism (Olmsted/Blaxill)


By Jim West


Dan Olmsted is a former UPI journalist who was invited by Mark Blaxill to work together for publication of literature via books, articles, and websites such as AgeOfAutism.  They, while appearing critical of vaccines, dramatically promote vaccination programs without underlying references or valid arguments.  That alone is tar enough for this brush.  Other curiosities:  Olmsted pushes his UPI credentials. yet major wire services such as AP, Reuters, and UPI are a major source of orthodox medical propaganda.  UPI is owned by the Unification Church, lead by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who purportedly works with CIA and KIA (Korean Intelligence Agency).  My attempts to comment on Olmsted's blog were blocked for unknown reasons, yet allowed is the comment "you deserve a Pulitzer Prize".  Olmsted's polio article appears plagiaristic with themes, theories, discoveries and structures copied from Jim West and Janine Roberts (plagiaristic of Jim West).  Their confusion of the research timeline enhances their position as researchers.  I assume their motive, intent, and compentence to be unknown. 

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9/23/2011 "The Age Of Polio", by Olmsted/Blaxill(2) by Jim West 9/21/2011 List of false claims and evidence of plagiaristic techniques.
2) Article:  "The Age Of Polio", by Olmstead and Blaxill


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