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Any dissident beliefs that mention the word 'virus' -- should be considered
in view of the fact that viruses are a theory, not proven to exist as pathological entities
(or even as entities, as oxygen can be demonstrated to be an element).
Virology is political, an industry funded and publicized soft science that subverts toxicological observations.


www.aehf.com/articles/A56.htm A study on post-polio and environmental factors, also listed on PubMed (NIH), from which, the original document can be ordered.

www.chem-tox.com Malathion studies, rarely known to the public, are discussed here by Dr. Wayne Sinclair, M.D. Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (Immunology Board Certified), Vero Beach, Florida, with Richard W. Pressinger, M.Ed., Tampa, Florida.

www.ncchem.com/malathion.htm Malathion info.

[Defunct site] Toxicologist Dr. Simon's site. He has had the courage and knowledge to successfully testify against New York City's malathion spray programs. In the Green Party's charges against the city, it stated that "Mayor Giuliani was guilty of "flagrant disregard for the health and safety of New Yorkers and the environment", regarding the aerial spray campaign which began 9/3/99.


Viropathology (dissident)

On the topic of virus isolation, Perth should be understood before any other.  There, Perth is simple, clear and devoid of political compromise.  HIV virus has not been isolated in any form or fashion.  This is not at all a matter of a nitty-picky "gold standard for isolation".

Perth is simple. Method: Merely ask for a study that demonstrates HIV isolation. The mainstream has no answer, no study. Only smoke, arrogance, and fake anger.

Perth does not go beyond HIV, their specialty, but their deconstruction method can be generalized to any virus, and often to bacteria. A mere question (that cannot be answered) is much better than the impressive but false technical baggage of virology. Free your mind, free that RAM space.

Dissident microbiology has been split for a long time, but not very publically. Most dissidents accept Peter Duesberg because he's the only famous dissident, and they are afraid to tell the public that HIV has not been proven even to be a virus, let alone, a harmless passenger virus as Duesberg promotes.  Privately, the more educated dissidents tend to agree with Perth's thorough analyses. Duesberg, and many other professional dissidents, hang onto their professorial, usually academic legacies. These compromised people split themselves between Duesberg and a corrupted, form of the Perthian view.

The Perth Group:  Professor Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Professor Turner and her team in Australia critique HIV=AIDS effectively at
The Parenzee Trial:  http://www.tig.org.za/Proving_the_existence_of_HIV.pdf

Anthony Brink, lawyer and major dissident author, critiques at great length, as a Perthian, the mainstream dissidents, their political and scientific history, at www.tig.org.za/RA.htm

Stefan Lanka, biochemist, of Germany, argues for Perth, and pushes Perthian deconstruction to all virophathology. His views are influenced by The Perth Group.  He has been a featured speaker at Michael Ellner's NYC HEAL meetings and throughout Europe. See www.virusmyth.com for his interviews. He has distanced himself from English speaking dissidents.

Peter Duesberg is no longer a hero. He is useful through a skeptical eye, but generally faulty. He was a well publicized 'dissident' during the 1990s. At best, he can be an introduction to virus criticism and epidemiology. Professor Duesberg (Berkeley Univ.) is far off track, admittedly playing the "game", promoting an overly complicated belief, the harmless virus. His virtue is only that he is against the HIV=AIDS model. He has been on the cover of Newsweek and is promoted by Rethinking AIDS. He is not 'bad', but he is the selected loyal opposition.

With the better critical tools developed by Perth, which are promoted by Anthony Brink, Claus Jensen, Jim West, Chris , John Wantling, John Scudamore, and others, the mere dissident sentiment is not enough, as it is misinfo and disinfo, with even anti-vaccinationists promoting "deadly virus", inadvertently aiding and abetting the mainstream fear of nature, fear of self.

Duesberg's various comments are valuable as ideas and stimulus, but cannot be taken at face value. His views have been endorsed by Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate, and many others. Duesberg claims falsely, without references, that the poliovirus paradigm is valid, and claims isolation of poliovirus, though there is no poliovirus (Ostrom/Urnovitz, 2001). Dismiss poliovirus via Perthian deconstruction of "virus". Another effective mind-clearing method, which is also necessary to maintain health: Gain an awareness of environmental toxicology, via polio criticism at Overview.


Mainstream Viropathology

HIV has not been isolated.  Electromicroscopy by Gluschankof et al, shows this at

These orthodox authors nevertheless assume without basis that 20% to 50% of lab strains consist of HIV virus. One can look at the EM and count perhaps 2-5% suspect HIV.  The authors admit that most of the strain is not HIV.  Their HIV count is maximized with their interpretation that all virus-like particles seen in the EM are HIV particles. They count "immature" HIV particles.  Yet those particles could be mock virions, harmless or pathogenic viruses of another specie (if virus belief is engaged), coalesced protein or nucleic acid, and any of a variety of other cellular or extra-cellular matter, all resulting from incredible stress of high speed lab blenders and chemical bombardment prior to EM. This argument applies also to what Gluschankof assumes is genuine mature "HIV". The space between the particles is not accounted for and could be some form of plasma or hormonal substance that brings the cellular behavioral artifacts claimed to be evidence of a virus.



www.aliveandwell.org Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives, Christine Maggiore.   Readers may be surprised that Maggiore has been described as a plagiarist.  She and her child both died under orthodox medication, both within a relatively short time of each other's death, and that is an indication, a case for an environmental toxicologist. I posit unventilated stove gas, exacerbated by pharmaceuticals.

www.rodale.com The Rodales have been promoting organic farming for many years. They demonstrated through comparative field studies on their 350 acre farm that organic farming is more productive than farms that use toxic chemicals. Chemical oriented farming out-produced organic farming only in the first few years -- before it had destroyed its eco-system.

www.iahf.com The International Advocates For Health Freedom.

[website defunct]  Homoeopathist, Daniel H. Duffy, Sr., deceased 2013, beneficial medical expertise.


The Wide Picture

www.trufax.org A comprehensive eco-site, which includes the "big picture."  Val Valerian is the webmaster, archivist, researcher, and a contributing author.

www.garynull.com Gary Null's website on health issues. He's done amazing things.  He messed up when he promoted Janine Roberts, even claiming he and his staff had confirmed Roberts' work, apparently eager to get on Roberts hype bandwagon that he got hyped himself by Roberts.  Some of his work claims that HIV is false science, while in other works, he claims HIV causes AIDS.  Promotes germ-phobia, and sells concoctions to protect people from germs.  He is, however, a strong and positive influence for health, the organic movement and the anti-pesticide movement. He is well versed, from science to political options, regarding health, malathion, iatrogenic disease, and more.

www.dorway.com Information on mass poisoning programs: Aspartame, fluoridation, and pesticides.

Whale Books, www.whale.to, John Scudamore, webmaster.  A great curator of concise critique of dominant disease images, alternative views.

Well Within's Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, KVMR Broadcaster, Programmer, Investigative Reporter in Nevada City, CA. An energetic, uplifting site, ecologically in tune. Bookstore, Vaccine Dangers, etc.

John Wantling, an effective, critical blogger, author, well-represented online.



NoSpray Coalition (New York) The group that sued Giuliani's City of New York, in order to halt the spraying of 8 million New Yorkers with malathion from helicopters and trucks.  Result, substantial monies paid out by NYC, and horrible political truth's revealed.  Jim West served as Chairman of the Science Committee.  Our faithful leader was the indefatigable, former candidate for mayor of NYC, Mitchel Cohen.

[www.oxybusters.org] [Discontinued website] The most produced neurotoxin in the world, MTBE, can be found in gasoline at levels of 11 to 15%. MTBE is being phased-out and banned nationwide, after having been increased in gasoline as of January, 1995, and recommended for phase out and ban by the EPA at the height of the West Nile epidemic, July 26, 1999. This was the apex of the wildlife epidemic and the recognized beginning of the human epidemic. Official ban targeted to go into effect 2004 in NYS.

Lynn Gannet, a great AIDS researcher and activist (said to be retired now):  Perhaps the first to argue that West Nile virus had not been isolated, using Perthian arguments.

www.gpnj.org The Green Party of New Jersey, informative re malathion spray programs. Novartis (Ciba-Geigy+Sandoz) is described as the driving corporate force behind malathion.

Call The Congressional Switchboard at (202) 225-3121 or (202) 224-3121 for contact info for any senator or representative.

The New York Times via letters@nytimes.com, New York One (Ch. 1) via InsideCityHall@ny1.com. Apparently these are dead letter zones, but it is good to keep them in touch -- they may feel obliged to occasionally 'reflect' some measure of public opinion in their articles and shows. Better is to comment below onine articles, blog.


Non-toxic Pest Control

The Best Control: The non-toxic master of bugs, Steve Tvedten. Good source for books, info, letters, testimonials, memorial to pesticide victims, links, etc.

www.quantumhealth.com A non-DEET mosquito repellent.

www.symbios-witticism-page.com/bug.htm Symbio's Non-Toxic Pest Management Index (Toxic included, however).

www.champon.com Non-toxic pesticides.



www.pure-earth.com Water filtration products.

www.rosystems.com Water filtration products.

www.MiracleExclusives.com Natural kitchen appliances, such as, soy-milk machine, blender, flour mills, etc.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores sell air filters, shower filters, water filters, blenders, food processors, etc.


Organic Food

Living Tree Community Foods: www.livingtreecommunity.com.





See the Salk Vaccination page for a long list.


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