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Adam Crabb, The Crazz Files, 4/15/2019

Power Plant Causation for Measles Epidemics

Crazz Adam lets Jim lay out his hypothesis, that the measles epidemics in Brooklyn are the result of obvious air pollution.

Adam Crabb, The Crazz Files, 2/22/2017

Ultrasound Causation: Microcephaly and Zika Virus

Crazz Adam lets Jim spout his latest hypothesis, that the Great Zika Virus/Microcephaly epidemic in NE Brazil is the result of an intense ultrasound program. This is two years of well-documented research.

Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon, 5/21/2016

Special: Ultrasound – Autism, Immune System & Genetic Damage


Roger Landry This is a great session. Roger is technically expert and well-versed. He dynamically engineers this discussion, bringing his experience in medical criticsm and his talent as a masterful entertainer. He and Jim West have a mutual dedicated interest in contradictions within medical science. This discussion is a strong exploration of prenatal ultrasound.

Adam Crabb, The Crazz Files, 2/27/2016

Down the Rabbitt Hole, with Jim West

Crazz Adam Crazz is on a mission from Down Under, exploring the outer fingers of partial toe dust from the reaches of Australia, his home. The result is a witty exchange with Jim West on whatever bubbles beyond the border. This all starts with a relaxing ride through the Looking Glass chasing the Rare Wabbitt. Do not let the Zika virus destract you.

David Crowe, The Infectious Myth, 2/23/2016

Zika Myths, with Jim West

TIM David Crowe is president of Rethinking AIDS and has been working his radio show for many years with important guests on diverse topics. David ushers Jim West through his research into the contradictions within the mainstream propaganda concerning Zikavirus, microcephaly and the obvious problems concerning Zikavirus virology and its hype, the original study, Dick et al (1952).

Global Freedom Network, 10/4/2015

Pesticides and Polio, The Secret Link. with Aimee Devlin, Brendan Murphy, and Jim West

gfm-polio Jim West treads the perimeter of his original discovery of polio causation. He is known for his graphic evidence of industrial poisoning. The question is discussed, "Why?"

Sinead McCarthy, Sacred Maternity, 7/21/2015

Is Routine Ultrasound in Pregnancy Really Safe? with Jim West

Sinead Ultrasound hazards are discussed in the context of a protection from those hazards — natural birth. Sinead was repulsed by mainstream midwifery schools and declined school to promote natural birth as a follower of Ina May Gaskin and others. Her medical experience includes parents who are orthodox medical professionals. She is a mother who does not allow ultrasound, vaccines, birth drugs, and has experienced great results.

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