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Parasitisms Of Environmental Ethics(1)
Plagiarism, Etc.

Discussion of
Vlado Petek-Dimmer
Janine Roberts
AgeOfAutism (Olmsted-Blaxill)

 by Jim West

See Legal Notice(2)  

Intellectual theft is the most sensitive crime in the intellectual world...
Due care is recommended, for those who seek good standing in that world.
- Peter Charles Hoffer

The goal here is to return ethical text to its primary position of concern within the dissident community.  The goal is to bring objective awareness of self-defeating structures, to encourage discussion, to avoid epistemological disaster among dissidents and the people they protect. 

The appearance of plagiarism (defined) brings corruption, in-fighting, distrust.  It taints associates and discourages research.  The success of dissident research depends upon this concern.  Orthodoxy has long recognized the inherent principles and institutionally protects against plagiarism.  The dissident environmental and medical community is based on ethics and is expected to naturally obey these principles, however, this cannot be taken for granted.

Comparison Of Two Writing Methods

Plagiarism process →
Author:  "Orig"
Constructs original work
Author:  "Robber"
Plagiarizes Orig's work
Robber creates disadvantages Long-term damage
Research:  Original, interesting
Errors:  Normal errors

No conversation

No prior notice

Copy/paraphrase Orig

Reference Orig with shallow criticism, or, with rejection, while extensively using Orig's work/theses.

Robber is isolated by ignorance or greed.  Robber provides an unhealthy role model.

Energy is diverted to rationalizing plagiarism, planning plagiarism and legal loopholes, rather than fact-checks, communiques, and research.

The tree of research is downgraded to the quality of a rumor.  Superficiality and inaccuracy pervade.

Research:  Diluted
Errors:  Massive, tends towards mainstream acceptance.

The dissident community is viewed as hypocritical because plagiarism undermines its ethical arguments.

A web of errors proliferates as rumor-research replaces normal practice.

A web of disrespect proliferates in and out of the dissident community.

Researchers are preempted from their own work.  They are pushed from the table.

Research: Disintegrated
Errors:  Massive, Diverse


Normal process →
Author:  "Orig"
Constructs original work
Author:  "Norm"
Uses Orig's work normally
The work community profits Long-term strength
Research:  Original, interesting

Errors: Normal errors

Research, ideas, facts, concepts are transferred with notice and conversation.  Friendships are acquired.

Original and new research is refined, corrected, and advanced.  False lines of inquiry are recorded and roadsigns posted.

Opposing views can emerge, with both views being strong, while still contributing to the intellectual health of the dissident community.

Research:  Growing
Errors:  Reducing

The dissident argument maintains a solid foundation of accuracy and ethics.

A trusted coordination of alliances are formed, not broken.

Strong legacy is provided for other researchers.  

The dissident web tree proliferates accurately.

Research:  Growing
Errors:  Reducing

1. Definitions of plagiarism are well stated, and thus apply as an element in a wider discussion.
2. Legal Notice:  Truth is top priority for this website.  U.S. law maintains that truth is an absolute defense against allegations of defamation.  Unsubstantiated information, personal attacks, and ad hominem arguments are not condoned.


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