Ultrasound Causation for Microcephaly and Zika Virus: The Hypothesis

10/22/2017: Interview with Adam Crabb: At 1:27, “lawsuit” should be “alleged lawsuit” because the legal documents have not been verified, and, “China” should be “Taiwan”.

50 Human Studies: A New Bibliography

9/30/2015: Regarding Dr. Eitan Kimmel, this text is updated: “The CHS confirm human relevance for cell studies (circa 2011 and ongoing) by the research team at Technion Institute in Haifa, Israel. Chen Geffen, under Dr. Eitan Kimmel, conducted many studies to confirm findings of low intensity ultrasound causing irreversible damage. Exposure ranges are similar to Ellisman(1987), Ang(2006), and the Chinese studies.”

9/15/2015: The paragraph containing Honorary Member” now reads more accurately: “Dr Floyd Dunn was an Honorary Member of the Rochester Center for Biomedical Ultrasound (RCBU) at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) in New York State. Other members include Dr Morton W. Miller, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at URMC, and Dr Edwin L. Carstensen, who founded and directed the RCBU. Dr Jacques S. Abramowicz is a former Director of the Ob/Gyn unit at URMC. Dr Wesley L. Nyborg (d. 2011) was a Charter Member and a Visiting Scientist at the RCBU.”

9/15/2015: The phrase “...children in various stages of development”, should now read “...progeny in various stages of development: 1) the ova of the female fetus...”

9/15/2015: Ruo Feng quotes Floyd Dunn, “most significant contribution”. This should now read “great contribution”.

9/15/2015: The topic, “apoptosis”, is now separated from the various selected studies and positioned afterward, for sake of clarity.

9/24/2015: D.L. Miller's term, “use principle”, is now “prudent use principle”.

9/25/2015: Qian (1996), “200x” is now “100x”, with regard to Qian's specific observations of ultrasound toxic synergy.

1/1/2016: Zhang (2002), “spectrometry”, in the image of DNA fragmentation, is now deleted.

DDT/Polio (book)

See updates and errata at DDT/Polio book.

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