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Ultrasound Causation
for Microcephaly and Zika Virus
The Hypothesis

(Published 10/2017)

Part A: EBOOK | Paperback (b/w)
Part B: [Available soon]
Part C: [Available soon]
This is easy-to-understand science, many images and graphs.
Fact-checking/copyediting for this sensitive topic is extensive,
and requires dividing this 600-page work into a three-part series.

50 Human Studies: A New Bibliography
Indicates Extreme Risk for Prenatal Ultrasound

(Published 5/2015)

EBook, Paperback
This is readable, just-the-scientific facts, accessable to anyone,
balanced for both lay and professional. Definitions provided.

(Published 2013)

EBOOK (color)
This is the updated version of the original DDT/Polio research that leap-frogged the HIV/AIDS
dissidentia and continues to provide vaccine critics new arguments and support.