“The great Jim West has done it again! ...I always find it riveting to come across an independent investigator who is breaking new ground, against all odds. Jim West is such a person. His meticulous analysis... has turned the establishment on its head. We should all thank him for his work. If I were the king of Pulitzers, I would give him a dozen. He is what truly deep reporting is all about.”

“There are many other things I could say in praise of Jim's work... It's a book you should have and read. It's a book that should receive wide notice. It's a book that should change standard medical practice. It's a book that can save many lives.”

- Jon Rappoport, Investigative Journalist, NoMoreFakeNews.com

“Your book is wonderful. You found the human studies. Chapter five is terrifying! I wish I were wrong.”

- Eitan Kimmel, PhD, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel

Technion Institute, in Haifa Israel, is one of the world's premier research institutes, currently coordinating with New York City to create, via billions of dollars, a “Silicone Island” out of Roosevelt Island.

In 2011, Kimmel's team experimentally found very low exposure thresholds for ultrasound damage in animal cells, at least 38x lower than the exposure allowed by the FDA (Mechanical Index). The clarity of his observations predict even lower damage thresholds to be found.

“I saw your article [in Townsend Letter] and it is great.”

“This is important work. Attention must be brought upon the subject. Ultrasound is more than taking pretty pictures of babies. We are learning about side effects and mechanisms of potential harms that have not been the object of safety studies, least regulations. You have brought together the field by summarizing many different areas that bear on the subject, from physics to biology and medicine. Your writing should raise awareness in the layperson, that ultrasound is a "buyers beware" market. That before the glacial pace of our government moves to take action it is their responsibility to become informed and make adequate decisions.”

- Manuel F. Casanova, MD, Vice Chair for Research
in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
at University of Louisville.

Dr. Casanova is a prominent neuroscientist, with a focus on abnormalities of cortical neurocircuitry.

“The study, JZhang(2002) was relatively well done and documented with a dose-effect response... The study needs to be reproduced... 13 mW/cm2 is really low... The finding is important... the SPTA [intensity] levels do not support [the thermal] view [i.e., a non-thermal mechanism is supported].”

- William O'Brien, Jr, PhD, prominent scientist and author

Dr. O'Brien is former President of AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine), former Chairman of AIUM Bioeffects Committee, and Director of Bioacoustics Research Laboratory.

The excerpt is from Dr. O'Brien's pre-publication review of JZhang(2002), which was written upon receiving JZhang(2002) from Jim West. His review includes contributions by Jacques Abramowicz, another prominent ultrasound scientist. JZhang(2002) is the pristine root study, in English, the bridge to the data tree of Chinese Human Studies.

“Great job. Your book is doing a valuable service to the childbearing public... You just can't expose a fetus to this much energy without doing harm. For example, see Newnham (1993).”

- Sam Milham, MD, MPH, former epidemiologist for New York State, professor, author, and pioneering EMF scientist.

“Congratulations for your book and your courage in presenting this topic to public. Heartfelt thanks!  I did my Doctorate of Science, finding 'no evidence based medicine' supporting 'safety' of ultrasound in IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedures.

- Zvonko Hočevar, LLT Dr, Ljubljana University Medical Centre

“...so impressed with all the research you did about this important and overlooked subject.”

- Townsend Letter

“I read your book and I was fascinated by it! I had never thought about ultrasound as a possible danger during pregnancy, but now I am much more aware.”

- Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist, MIT

“Thanks so much. I can always depend on you for great info. You are a true seeker of truth.”

- Tedd Koren, Chiropractor (renowned)

“There is clear evidence that ultrasound during pregnancy can change fetal tissues. Jim West dug up this impossible to find evidence to make it obviously clear that we should not be haphazardly using video ultrasounds when less invasive technologies can be used.”

- Ramiel Nagel, author of Healing Our Children, and Cure Tooth Decay

“I have read this book slowly and every page is marked and underlined and highlighted. It is brilliant the way it ties together so many loose strings and exposes the lies. In my opinion, this book is THE most important work of our times.”

- Amy Worthington, Pro Liberty Observer

“Western scientific and medical professionals don't seem to be aware of the many human studies that have been conducted in China which clearly indicate damage from the use of diagnostic ultrasound. It's time that they examined this new compilation of research.”

- Nexus Magazine

“Human studies condemn ultrasound! Jim West has compiled the largest [the first comprehensive (jw)] bibliography of human ultrasound studies.”

- Kelly Brogan, MD, KellyBroganMD.com

“I've known Jim West for 20 years. He is the leading independent researcher of disease causation from chemical exposure. Now he's written a ground-breaking book that documents the inconvenient facts about the dangers of ultrasound. Parents and medical professionals should reconsider the cost/benefit of ultrasound.”

- Gary Krasner, Coalition for Informed Choice (CFIC)

CFIC is the prime clearing house for all aspects involving resistance to vaccine mandates in New York State, assisting individuals with the sometimes complex hurdles. Includes parents, doctors, lawyers, teachers, college students and organizations.

“I have been reading your book with interest and furiously taking notes. So much good information that the world really needs to know. Thank you for bringing it all together this way. Brilliant.”

- Jeanice Barcelo,


Jeanice has documented hospital birth horror, extending what Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn described decades earlier.

“Jim West should get a Goethe Prize.... The ramifications should be huge, but alas I don't' expect change due to vested interests.”

- Russell B. Olinsky, M.S. Environmental Specialist
Superb knowledge and detail to task [res]

“This is a well written book on a crucially important subject... Even before reading this book, I was convinced that prenatal ultrasound is leading to the boom in autism and other developmental disorders in children. After reading this book, any doubt I had about the damaging effects of ultrasound are gone. Jim West does a wonderful job of not only presenting the research, but providing a framework for understanding what is going on.”

- Daniel Maciejewski

“Jim West's passion and skill for finding, checking, exposing bogus medical facts and the economic, political, and social forces that drive and protect conventional medical practice is legendary among alternative health care activists.”

- Michael Ellner,

HEAL-NY [defunct]

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